It was in the quiet City of North Plains that Oregon State Police Trooper Nic Cederberg patrolled. And that's where his friends, family and fellow officers met for a vigil Monday night to honor him.

Cederberg was shot while on duty Christmas night. James Tylka is accused of shooting and killing his wife Kate Tylka-Armand, leading police on a chase, then shooting and critically injuring Cederberg before he was shot and killed by other officers.

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His brother said Cederberg had left during Christmas dinner to see if he could help.

"I was with Nic the night the call came in. We were sharing ham together and he said, 'The call came in. I'm going to go see what I can do to help,'" said Jeff Cederberg on Monday night. "Nic went out and saved lives that night, he put his life on the line to protect those who couldn't do it themselves."

North Plains Police Chief Jesse Baker said that's just the way Cederberg is.

“He worked with our police officers along with the sheriff's office and everybody else," Baker said. "Nic is just a really good guy.”

Baker said Cederberg set the standard as an officer.

“He was shot in the line of duty and he sacrificed. He did what he had to do as a police officer and we're proud of him.”

“We went out and got a bunch of glow sticks,” said Baker. They made a sea of blue in support for officer Cederberg during the vigil.

“Then we gave a high five cause that's Nic's thing,” Baker continued.

A high five is what Cederberg’s family said he gave his wife after a major surgery. Cederberg's family has been giving updates through his GoFundMe page. Tuesday they said he sat up for the first time and he continues to heal.

“I'm almost speechless of how much support everybody in this town is giving that man,” said Baker.

Hundreds of people attended the vigil and had a chance to write messages to Cederburg.

“This is one of many boards we already have that are filling up fast,” Baker said. “We pinned a badge on there. I think Hillsboro detectives came out and pinned one of their badges.”

The shows of support keeping coming, for a man sworn to protect his community.

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