VANCOUVER, Wash. – A Vancouver family whose home was just put on the market was stunned when a camera caught a burglar stealing medication from their home.

Travis Clarke said he had just put his home on the market when a real estate agent called. The agent said he wanted to show the home to potential buyers.

But when the time came, the family says, the real estate agent used a code let himself in and burglarized the home. Video shows the man in the kitchen, opening cabinets, and even the fridge.

KGW is not naming the man, as the Clark County Sheriff’s Office has not made an arrest. But the family says the man stole oxycodone they had in the cupboard after a surgery.

“He disappeared and then he re-emerged with the latex gloves on, and went straight for the cabinet,” Clarke said. “It was just a rush of emotions, you know. You feel victimized, you feel anger, ‘What am I going to do if he’s still in my house?’ You know, how am I going to react to that type of thing?”

He said the man also went upstairs and looked through the cabinets.

Clarke said he is grateful for the camera, and called this a good lesson to other families: Make sure after you show your home to potential buyers that everything is accounted for.

Clarke said the sheriff’s office is investigating.