VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Victims of a home burglary in Vancouver Monday reported that whoever did it got away with more than a million dollars in stolen property.

Homeowner Craig Angelo said that after a weekend out of town, he and his wife returned to their home on Southeast Evergreen Highway Monday morning and found it had been ransacked.

“We knew something was wrong,” said Angelo. “We noticed the middle garage was open and my wife’s car gone.”

Police found the stolen vehicle, a BMW X5, on Northeast Hood Avenue in Gresham Monday afternoon.

“Once we got into the house I knew we had problems. They really tore open our bedroom," Angelo said. "It was like they were mad.”

He said paintings had been cut from their frames, flat screen televisions were pulled down from the walls and priceless heirloom jewelry, which had been locked in a safe, was gone.

“They took the whole safe,” he said, “just packed it off.”

Angelo said the crooks also stole a lot of Washington State University memorabilia and a computer, among other items. He said it looked like the crooks took their time inside the house.

“They even had time to drink a can of Coke and put it back in the refrigerator,” said Angelo. “Crazy.”

He said his family has lived in Vancouver for 72 years and has worked hard for everything they have.

“What bothers us is if someone is that needy, just come ask us for it and we'll help out, just like we've always done,” he said.

Angelo offered a reward for the stolen property, which he said money can’t replace.

“Anything that gets returned to us, with the source of where it came from, the reward will be substantial,” said Angelo. “We want this person or persons off the street.”

Anyone with information about this case was asked to call Vancouver police at 360-487-7399.

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