HAZEL DELL, Wash. -- The abducted dog, Apache, who was stolen along with a semi-truck on Friday night in Hazel Dell, has been found unharmed.

The truck and trailer are still missing, according to the Clark County Sheriff's Office, who posted on Facebook that Apache had been found.

According to the Facebook post, an Oregon Deputy Sheriff saw Apache walking along a county road on Saturday. Apache was taken by the officer to the Multnomah County Animal Service. Apache's owner was notified and the two were reunited.

According to the Clark County Sheriff's Office, a semi-truck driver parked his truck with an attached flatbed trailer legally on Northeast 13th Avenue, just off Highway 99 in Hazel Dell. He then went to dinner with a relative for a couple of hours.

When the driver went back to his truck, it was gone -- along with his 11-year-old Daschund, Apache, inside.

The truck was described as a green 1999 Peterbilt with a sleeper cab. The license plate number is YAGL117 and the Oklahoma plate on the attached trailer is 5199JM.

"We have confirmed that the vehicle was not towed away," the Clark County Sheriff's Office said.

Anyone who sees the truck or dog should call 311 or 911.