VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Meals on Wheels People delivers food to the doors of seniors in Oregon and Washington, and has locations to meet for lunch.

That’s 5,700 lunches a day. For some recipients, it is their only daily interaction with another person.

“I enjoy visiting with them,” said senior Petronella Pratt. “If you stay home it gets very boring. You need someone to talk to.”

A new White House proposed budget has many seniors worried about the future of the Meals on Wheels program. The Firstenburg Center location in Vancouver is closing down, but a Meals on Wheels spokesperson says that would be happening anyway, regardless of the new proposed budget.

“We are not eliminating anyone's lunch," said Julie Piper Finley. “We are continuing our level of service but just moving our operations. We felt it was not fiscally responsible and wanted to be good stewards of our donor’s money.”

Finley says the White House budget as written doesn't look like it will affect programs in our area. But she is still worried cuts could be in their future.

“There doesn’t seem to be a lot of concern about hunger issues, doesn’t seem to be a lot of concern about children’s issues, or senior issues," Finley said. "And because there seems to be a general disregard for that, we are worried they will continue to make cuts in those areas.”