VANCOUVER, Wash … A crowd of well over 100 people gathered at Tiger Tree Park in Clark County to remember Shawn Scott, Jr.

“He was my best friend freshman and sophomore year,” said friend Maddie Day. “Just proud to have him as a friend.”

Day was one of many in the group of family and friends who could not fight back the tears. Others cannot cry. They are still too angry.

“How are you supposed to move forward when your best friend is shot in the head,” asked friend Christian Pfeifle. “How do you move forward from that?”

It is a question a lot of people have been asking since Tuesday afternoon. That is when Scott was shot and killed at Holladay Park in Northeast Portland.

“The entire city, I believe, mourns,” said Sgt. Chris Burley of the Portland Police Bureau.

Authorities are not saying much about the case, but they say there is nothing to suggest this is a gang-related shooting.

“Investigators have nothing to suggest that one – Shawn Scott is involved in gangs or was involved in gangs,” Burley said.

What Scott was involved in, according to those who knew him, was making people laugh. That is how the teen will be remembered.

“He would make everyone laugh,” said friend Evan Oster. “RIP Shawn.”

Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to contact the Portland Police Bureau.