VANCOUVER, Wash. – Following in the footsteps of malls across the country, the Vancouver Mall will be closed on Thanksgiving.

Centennial Real Estate Company, who owns the mall property, made the announcement Wednesday, saying they want “to help renew the tradition of families spending Thanksgiving together and rekindle the magic of Black Friday.”

“Not only does this allow for families to be together on Thanksgiving, but it brings back the excitement that has historically surrounded the busiest shopping day of the year,” said Steven Levin, CEO of Centennial Real Estate. “Family and tradition matter to our customers, and we want to support those values by encouraging our shoppers, employees and communities to celebrate a traditional holiday. Thanksgiving is for sharing. Black Friday is for shopping.”

The announcement comes after Mall of America and Bridgeport Village in Tigard, among other shopping centers, announced they would be closed for the holiday this year.

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However, the mall will accommodate stores and restaurants that decide to open on Thanksgiving. The mall will officially open at 8 a.m. on Black Friday.

For more information, visit the Vancouver Mall website.