VANCOUVER, Wash. – A trio of high school sophomores is headed to the VEX Robotics World Championships.

Together with their bot, they make up the Atomic Raven Force team. The three students attend iTech Prep, The Vancouver School District’s STEM specialized high school.

Their robot moves on wheels and has arms that can pick up, hold and throw objects. In the case of competition, it maneuvers and handles large “star” objects and cubes.

Made of metal, motors, batteries, and few big rubber bands, the robot’s entry number is 3249 A. But the students call it something else.

“We chose Aries because it starts with an A, and we're the A team,” said Kayl Peck.

They built their bot starting back in September, and recently won at the state championships. It’s a win that has them, their coach Cyndy Hagin, and Aires going to Louisville, Kentucky on Wednesday for the world competition. This is a big deal for these talented young engineers.

Tyson Boatman is most proud of the part that can climb a pole.

“The main thing that gets us the most points on this robot is this little hook back here which you saw can attach to a pole and lift itself up,” said Tyson.

Megan Lewis rounds out the team as project manager. She is proud of the robot they’ve created, and points to a notebook full of plans, designs, successes and failures that led them to their winning bot.

“It's not one person, it's a team effort. And all of us together created this dream and this excitement to actually go and go to worlds,” said Lewis.

And they are.

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