PORTLAND, Ore. -- The organizer of what started as a peaceful protest Thursday evening against the election of Donald Trump has condemned the actions of rioters and the damage they left behind.

"We want to reiterate that we do not condone nor support violence, vandalism or destruction in any way shape or form and we are starting a fundraiser to repair the damage," said Greg McKelvey of Portland's Resistance.

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He said volunteers from that group would be helping Friday to repair the damage and starting a fund for any additional repairs.

Pearl District Neighborhood Association residents have organized a volunteer effort to help clean up the riot aftermath.

Brooms and graffiti removing equipment used for a twice-yearly 'Polishe the Pearl' event were being provided to volunteers.

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Friday afternoon, the group plans what McKelvey calls a "rally and heal-in" at City Hall.

"We would like to take few moments to disavow the actions taken to destroy property, to clarify the intentions and goals of our new efforts and to offer empathy to all the stakeholders in last night's protests and those to come," the Portland's Resistance read in part.

Portland's Resistance Statement