TROUTDALE, Ore. -- Some experts are predicting one of the worst mosquitoes seasons in years, but the city of Troutdale has a plan to keep those mosquitoes away.

It's going to attract bats.

The Parks Department will put three wooden bat boxes along Beavercreek Canyon at the edge of Kiku Park.

The goal with the bat boxes is to create more habitat for the nocturnal animals and cut down on the number of potentially disease carrying mosquitoes in the area.

Troutdale city councilor Larry Morgan helped come up with the idea. He says East County is already home to a lot of bats.

"Bats kill mosquitoes and help our environment so it was a good thing to do," said Morgan.

Parks Superintendent Tim Seery is now in charge of putting in the boxes, which are currently being stored in the maintenance shop.

Seery knows the benefits of bats. He has had a bat house in his own backyard for years.

"If you watch a whole flock of bats at night, they'll take out hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes," he explained.

Reynolds High School honor students built the boxes and donated them to the City of Troutdale.

The city of Fairview also got a couple. Those will be installed near Fairview Lake.