PORTLAND, Ore. -- As the clock struck noon Friday, thousands of Portlanders, passengers and otherwise, stopped and fell silent.

It was part of a moment of silence, organized by TriMet, to honor the three men stabbed in a brutal attack one week prior.

All buses and trains, TriMet and C-Tran, pulled to an extended stop. Passengers stood, quiet, for one minute.

“It shows the bravery and the humanity that they had,” said Darrel McKinney.

In particular, a large crowd gathered at the Hollywood Transit Center, where police say Taliesin Namkai Meche and Rick Best were stabbed multiple times. Both men died of their injuries.

Micah Fletcher was also hurt, but survived.

Portland MAX attack: What we know

Passengers said Friday, they were glad to have the opportunity to give thanks.

“Everything will stop. Everyone will remember this, and if they don't know, they're going to find out,” said Ken Gouveia.

Afterward, dozens laid flowers and wrote in chalk, adding to the growing mass of tributes at the Hollywood Transit Center.

“This is my neighborhood. I've come by a number of times,” said Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who was among the crowd. “The courage, not just of these heroes but of their families, being committed that something positive would come from this tragedy... it's very inspirational.”