PORTLAND, Ore. – Jeremy Christian, suspected of killing two men and wounding a third on a MAX train, was back in a Multnomah County courtroom on Friday, as his attorneys argued against a request made by Portland television station KOIN to release search warrant affidavits connected to the case.

The attorney representing KOIN argued that both the First Amendment and Oregon constitutional law allowed for the release of the information, as part of the public’s right to know and scrutinize the proceedings.

The judge ruled against the motion, siding with both the defense and the state that releasing the document could jeopardize ongoing investigations and the integrity of the case on both sides.

MAX assault victim: Police could have jailed Jeremy Christian before killings

This has been a big story since the attacks occurred in May. Christian is accused of stabbing two men to death and seriously injuring another after they intervened on his hate-filled rant against two young women of color, on a MAX train.

Christian has pleaded not guilty to aggravated murder and other crimes. He has made some type of unprovoked statement nearly every time he’s appeared in court. Friday was no different.

As the proceeding ended, Christian yelled out, “If I’m a white supremacist, why’d I vote for Bernie Sanders?” And as he continued on, deputies took him by the arm and removed him from the courtroom.

Christian’s next court appearance is a bail hearing November 15.

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