PORTLAND, Ore. – A message of peace and unity will be visible in the night sky in Portland this weekend to honor everyone affected by the TriMet stabbing attack.

Chris Lejeune, the brother of slain stabbing victim Taliesin Namkai-Meche, worked with the city of Portland and mayor’s office to plan the visual projection for Saturday and Sunday night. It will be on a giant screen visible from the park blocks in front of Portland City Hall, and can also be seen from across the river in Southeast Portland, Lejeune said.

The message will include words and images.

The event, titled “Projecting Peace in Portland,” will begin from dark and last until midnight both nights. The images will be projected on top of the PacWest Center, located behind City Hall at 1211 SW 5th Avenue.

Namkai-Meche was one of three men stabbed on a MAX train on May 26. He died after the attack. Rick Best was also killed. Another man, Micah Fletcher, survived. The three men were defending two young women who were the target of hate speech by a 35-year-old man. They intervened and were brutally stabbed.

Namkai-Meche's mother posted an emotional goodbye to her son the next morning.

"He was a hero and will remain a hero on the other side of the veil. Shining bright star I love you forever," she said.

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