PORTLAND, Ore. -- The cleanup from Friday's brutal wind storm continues, and when it comes to falling trees, experts warn the danger is not over.

They say now is the time to get outside and look at the trees around your home.

It's something James Holladay will definitely be doing.

Tuesday, a massive tree in his front yard crashed into his bedroom.

"I heard the initial crack and then I heard something hit the house," he recalled.

Luckily, he went downstairs moments before.

Across the area, tree removal crews have been busy cutting up trees and branches brought down in Friday's powerful wind storm. They say trees may have been weakened or perhaps split in the storm and could still come down.

"I would urge people to go look at their trees and see if there is something out of place, and if they think there's even a chance something could come down, then call an arborist," said Erik Paavola with Urban Timber Tree Service.

On Monday, power crews were also still hard at work restoring power.

At one point, more than 250,000 PGE customers were without power because of Friday's storm.