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MANZANITA, Ore. – Cleanup continued in the coastal town hit by an EF2 tornado, as a new storm with rain and high winds is beared down on the Oregon coast.

Crews did what they could Friday night, but there was much more to do as daylight arrived Saturday morning. Utility crews worked to reset downed lines, as tree service workers cleared hundreds of branches and downed trees.

In downtown Manzanita, locals worked together get a tarp over the roof of one business, and clean up truckloads of debris all around the building.

Jake Bruns said the goal was simple.

“Get all this cleaned up before it starts raining again before it turns into a bigger mess than we already have.”

In the neighborhoods, where full time residents live next to vacation homes, trees were down in streets, yards, and on houses. Dozens of homes were affected.

LeRoy Heppner of Eagle Landscape Services had a crew helping out Patti Dobrowolski and her wife Julie. The couple is from Portland, and their second home at the coast had water pouring through the roof. A big tree had done the damage, thanks to a rare tornado’s hit and miss path of destruction.

“Well that was what we were talking about this morning,” said Dobrowolski. “We were like, wow it looks like it came in over there and then right though our yard. And you know it just happens, that’s life.”