PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Southwest Portland woman is on the lookout for her stolen bicycle after a thief nabbed it in North Portland.

"It's just really devastating," said Ginger Hanson.

Hanson is a cycling enthusiast who does not own a motorized vehicle.

Her Surly Big Dummy cargo bike is how she and her kids get around, but somebody stole Hanson's bike last Friday morning from outside the Kaiser Permamente campus on North Interstate.

Security guards told Hanson a man with a battery-powered saw and bolt cutters cut right through her lock.

"It's like a friend who helped me through some really tough times," said Hanson.

The mother of two is emotional because the $3,500 bicycle is not just any bike. It helped her beat breast cancer last year. Hanson rode the bike everyday regardless of how sick she felt.

"More than anything it helped my spirits," she said. "It was the best anti-depressant ever."

Hanson is hoping somebody spots her unique bike and returns it.

"Just thinking how can someone steal this bike that means so much to me," said Hanson. "I'm sure it doesn't mean that much to them."