Type the words "How to" into Google and a drop-down menu will suggest popular searches for you.

An attempt Tuesday brought back the following proposals:

"How to register to vote"

"How to play Pokemon Go"

"How to be single"

"How to tie a tie"

What are the most commonly Googled "How to" searches in the country? What about by state? What questions do Oregonians ask Google most often?

A blogger at Estately decided to figure out the answer to that question. Using Google's autocomplete function, he generated hundreds of the most popular how-to-questions typed into Google. He then ran that group of searches through Google Trends, providing a look at which searches were asked the most in each state over the past five years.

Here's a look at the results that came back for Oregon and a couple of its neighboring states.


The most disappointing part of the study is that it brought back only two results for Oregon: "How to hack wifi" and "How to make floral arrangements." Practical choices, for sure.


Washington's list was more comprehensive than Oregon's, with nine results, ranging from "How to use a French press" and "How to eat a fig" to "How to survive an earthquake" and "How to dab."


As you can imagine, California's was an eclectic list, including such queries as "How to play Stairway to Heaven," "How to rig an election," "How to get on Wheel of Fortune" and "How to ruin everything."


Idahoans really wanted to know "How to address a letter" and "How to cook quinoa," among others.


Zombies on the brain? What else could explain the search in Nevada for "How to survive a zombie apocalypse," "How to buy a gun" and "How to fight."

Some of the other interesting popular queries around the country include "How to Google something" (Indiana), "How to join the Illuminati" (Arizona), "How to be a ninja" (Hawaii), "How to pass a drug test" (Kentucky and Tennessee), "How to tip cows" (New Hampshire), "How to give yourself a hickey" (New York), "How to spell 40" and "How to spell 90" (Texas), and "How to move to Canada" (Vermont).

Read the complete list here.