ST. HELENS, Ore -- A person fired a gun at an oncoming pickup truck on Highway 30 Thursday afternoon just east of Columbia City, striking the windshield and injuring a woman.

Oregon State Police released a photo of the truck believed to be driven by the suspect. It is a maroon or burgundy pickup truck with a white or silver stripe along the side.

“Honestly for a moment I thought I was dying,” Mindy Griffith told KGW.

Mindy and her husband, Ray were driving down the highway when someone in the oncoming lane pulled out a black semi-automatic handgun and pointed it in their direction.

“We were just driving down the road and I looked into oncoming traffic and I was able to get the words 'oh my God' out of my mouth,” she said.

One round hit the Griffith’s windshield.

“Felt like an explosion,” said Ray. “Saw all the glass going in on Mindy and I thought she was dead.”

Mindy escaped with minor injuries. Glass from the shattered windshield flew into her eyes. She also suffered a concussion. She will be okay, but she wonders why this happened.

"Am I mad because now we have to replace a windshield, yes," Mindy said. "Am I happy it wasn't worse than what it was, extremely. But I really want to know the concept of someone's thinking of driving down the road and randomly shooting at people."

Anyone with information about the case should contact the Oregon State Police.