PORTLAND, Ore. – An East Portland homeowner was relaxing and watching TV early Saturday morning when he was suddenly interrupted by a thundering noise and the couch he was laying on was thrust forward with tremendous force.

“The car came barreling through the house,” said Glenn Phillips. “It was just a big explosion.”

At around 3:15 a.m., a car crashed through Phillips’ front door, into the living room and slammed into the couch.

“It was all one big crash,” Phillips said. “Once the couch settled down and stopped, I was up and I just said an expletive…and I was breathing bad dust and antifreeze fumes.”

Glenn Phillips walking through his home

The car took out a utility pole before plowing through Phillips’ home at East Burnside and 47th Avenue. Portland General Electric said they replaced the pole and power was restored to 140 people by Saturday afternoon.

Phillips said he called 911 once he was able to take in what had happened. He said the driver of the car, who police identified as 19-year-old Devon Daniel Nipp, crawled to the backseat and got out of the passenger side of the vehicle.

“He put his hands across his head and slumped over the car,” Phillips said.

Nipp was booked into the Multnomah County Jail for DUII and other charges.

Devon Daniel Nipp

Phillips, fortunately, was not hurt. Neither was his dog, who Phillips said typically sleeps at the front door.

Phillips has lived at the home for 35 years. He said while the home is still habitable for the time-being, there is some significant damage.

“We’re pretty upset…the main bedroom, living room and dining room are pretty well dust heaps.”

Space left in the house from where the car crashed through