PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland Police have arrested another suspect from post-election anti-Trump protests, with the help of its Can U ID Me website. Images of Miguel Rebollo led to tips from the public that identified him. Police say Rebollo, age 21, is the same man shown in video kicking a car during protesting November 10th. The car was being driven by a young woman with her two small children inside.

Police say Rebollo felt the pressure of being identified and turned himself in. He is now charged with Disorderly Conduct, a misdemeanor, and felony Criminal Mischief. A police bureau spokesperson said detectives are going through many pictures and videos posted online. And they are thankful for the help the public is providing in identifying suspects, in a world where cameras are everywhere.

“The satisfaction is, there are people who thought they got away with stuff because of the crowd, they thought they could hide, they thought they could go do this kind of damage and not face any consequences. And slowly but surely investigators are putting handcuffs on people who are doing this damage,” said Sgt. Pete Simpson.