PORTLAND, Ore. -- Monday was the first day of spring and a lot of people are ready to get out outside.

The sky may be grey but everywhere you look at Portland Nursery in Southeast Portland, bright colors will cheer you up.

Yellow daffodils, pink camellias, purple rhododendrons and beautifully creamy bell flowers. Anything colorful are the hot sellers right now.

It's been feast or famine at most garden centers in the Northwest. Packed with crowds on our few sunny days, pretty empty when it rains. But gardeners are feeling the cabin fever, and itching to get out.

"I am so excited for spring, I can't wait, I can't wait," said Carroll Hutchinson who came to buy replacement trees for her yard after the harsh winter killed some of them.

Marguerite Cohen is replanting her strawberry patch, and wanted to miss the crowds that flock to the nursery on the weekends. "I'm ready for spring, in a big way. Some sunshine would be nice," she said.

The harsh winter ruined lawns and killed a lot of trees and newer plantings. Ken Whitten, manager of Portland Nursery says now is the time to get new trees and shrubs in the soil, so they can establish roots for whenever our hot summer arrives.

"Everyone has been through a trial this winter with the extreme, and cold constant wet," Whitten said. "Everybody is like a spring, wound up and whenever the sun's out they show up and are really, really happy."

There's lots going on and lots more to do at River City Bicycles a few miles away on Southeast MLK Jr. Blvd. "Today we've been absolutely swamped, everyone was out riding this weekend and realized their bikes need to be checked out," said Mark Gyulafia of River City.

All 170 tune-up appointment got booked this weekend. Portland cyclists are the toughest around. They don't quit in the winter, but boy was it a tough one on those tires.

A brand new tire on the market from Specialized is made for all our seasons. It's airless, solid and unpoppable. "You can't get a flat and you never have to put air in," Gyulafia said.

They're available on the new Specialized Alibi bike for men and women, or can be interchangeable on other bikes.

Even the casual rider is eager to dig out that bike from behind the snow shovel in the garage. Gyulafia says make sure your tires are pumped up, your chain runs smoothly and your helmet fits. Because even though it's spring, we're not out of the woods yet.

"What's great about our customers here in Portland, they don't really care what the weather is like, they just love riding their bike."