PORTLAND, Ore. -- Many Portland-area school districts have used five snow days and counting. As parents scramble to change schedules and find child care, the make-up days are already cutting into summer vacation.

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The state's largest district, Portland Public Schools, has had five snow days (Dec. 8, 9, 15, 16 and Jan. 9). The district says two have been added to the end of the year by the board, moving the last day of school from June 9 to June 13.

PPS still has one more make-up day built into the end of the calendar, but no decisions have been made about using that day and no formal discussions about how to handle the other snow days have been scheduled yet, but they are monitoring the issue.

The Beaverton School District has also taken five snow days, but had two inclement weather days already built into their schedule. The district says it will decide later this week or next if they need to add three more. It would push the start of summer vacation to late June.

Vancouver Schools are in the same boat. They just added four days to the calendar, making June 21 the last day of school, unless they get more snow days. The district says graduation dates for seniors will not be affected.