PORTLAND, Ore. – Volunteers are working extra hard to get food to people who are homebound, or who usually eat at community dining centers connected to the Meals on Wheels People program.

The Meals on Wheels kitchen was bustling Friday morning, as volunteers began to deliver extra meals designed to last people through the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend. The non-profit organization feeds 3000 homebound recipients and another 2000 a day, at dining center. Right now, it is all hands on deck to help feed people, despite the ice and snow still making neighborhood travel difficult.

“We have great volunteers, they’re on the roads today with their chains on and 4 wheel drive, so hopefully nobody will slip and fall and that’s our other concern is that our volunteers and staff are as safe as the people they’re delivering to,’ said Suzanne Washington, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels People in Portland.

One man whose wife is homebound for health reasons and who himself is homebound because of a work related injury was thankful for a delivery of meals today.

“It really does help because she’s not able to move real well and she’s on a walker and here I am on my walker too so we’re quite a pair,” said Kevin Neal.

Meals on Wheels is always looking for volunteers to help run its program. Visit their website for more information.