MOUNT HOOD, Ore. -- Ski areas on Mt. Hood are loving all the snow.

The recent storm will likely bring up to two feet of new snow Tuesday in some areas. That's on top of an already deep base.

The average mountain snowpack for Oregon right now is 138 percent of normal.

The test site up near Timberline is measuring 11.5 feet of snow, which is about 90 percent of average for that location, but hydrologists say it will likely reach 100 percent by the end of this storm.

Ski areas are gearing up for what they believe will be a busy spring break on the slopes.

"This is huge... this is great! We haven't had a snow fall this deep in probably ten years," said Han Wipper at Mt. Hood Skibowl.

Skibowl has already extended is spring skiing season by a week and says it could end up extending it even more.

"Usually we're the second weekend in April and we've already extended it to the third weekend of April," said Wipper. "It all depends on the crowds, so if everyone keeps coming up and enjoying this we'll stay open longer if we have the snow."

And for those who passed up the winter passes, you have another chance. Spring passes are now on sale.