PORTLAND, Ore. -- Senator Jeff Merkley was in Portland Friday, telling seniors living in an assisted living facility they would be hurt badly, because of cuts he said would come to Medicaid, under republican created health care legislation.

Merkley toured Laurelhurst Village, a long-term care facility in southeast Portland, which offers seniors everything from assisted living to hospice care. He shared his concern that republicans are molding a health care plan in secret. And he said what he does know about it, is not good news for people who rely on Medicaid to cover health care-- the Congressional Budget Office estimates 8-billion dollars in cuts over time, based on President Trump’s budget and the Republican plan so far.

Merkley said two-thirds of nursing home residents are on Medicaid, including 68-thousand in Oregon alone. And of course, Medicaid covers other health care costs for many more.

“What the administration is proposing is a complete elimination of Medicaid for millions across the country but here in Oregon it will immediately affect about 400,000 individuals who would lose their coverage, and a good share of those are people in a nursing home,” said Merkley.

Republicans have argued their plan will be far better that what they described as a failing Obama Care, that includes an insolvent Medicare system.

It appears republicans don’t plan to hold open hearings or take public testimony before voting on a plan, set for 13 days from today.