PORTLAND, Ore. – The second brazen robbery of an East Side bar in less than a week has frightened bartenders and customers alike, and has police investigating if the cases are connected.

The most recent robbery happened at the Jolly Roger Bar in the 1300 block of SE 12th Avenue about 2:20 a.m. Thursday morning, just as Kaitlyn Clarke was set to shut down, with several patrons still at the bar.

Clarke says two men burst into the bar, one with a gun and the other with a knife.

“They were shouting and the guy with the gun was waving it around and the guy with the knife had it threatening everyone with it, they were not gentle about it,” said Clarke.

Police confirm both customers and the bar were robbed. Clarks says the customers were the bar were “regulars”, most who also work in the service industry and had their tips stolen, along with wallets, backpacks and even cell phones.

The man with the knife came the bar to Clarke, and stole the money from the register, before the two men fled.

Both men covered their identities with a bandana and other clothing. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Portland police confirmed that two other armed robberies of Portland bars happened Sunday night, at the Blue Fin Bar and Grill at 7317 Northeast Sandy Boulevard and The Lodge Bar and Grill at 6605 Southeast Powell Boulevard.

The first robbery happened at the Lotsa Luck Bar on SE Powell Boulevard last on Friday June 3rd. Two men pulled a similar robbery there, although the bartender was on her own at closing when the robbery occurred.

One of the robbers assaulted her after she hit a panic button, she suffered minor injuries and will be ok.

But the fear caused by the robberies won’t go away any time soon.

If you have any information about the robberies Portland police want to hear from you. Tips can be given anonymously.