PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Portland Bureau of Transportation posted notices on an RV parked along Northeast 55th Avenue and Alberta Street Friday morning, giving its inhabitants 72 hours to move the vehicle.

The notice, standard under the city’s new towing policy, promised a tow truck would haul it away if it was not gone by then.

Homeowner and mom Leah Clause, who’s been filing complaints with PBOT for two weeks, on Friday said she’s stunned to see the city is giving the men inside the RV more time.

“It's absolutely insane."

Clause told KGW on Wednesday the two men living in the vehicle had been talking to her kids over the fence and banging on the family’s front door, among other things.

Police responded when she called, she said, but couldn’t make the men move.

This week, she did some digging into their backgrounds and found both men had open warrants out for their arrests.

“It was public knowledge. I didn't pay for any search, anything extensive,” she said. “I just had their names.”

On Thursday, one of the men, Jordan Bilyeu, was arrested on a warrant out of Clackamas County stemming from drug-related charges.

The other, Michael Patterson, admitted he too is hiding from the law.

“I am taking care of it with due time,” he said of his warrant out of Idaho for buying a stolen car.

Clause said Patterson and Bilyeu promised they’d have the RV gone by noon on Friday.

Patterson said following Bilyeu’s arrest, he needed more time.

On Friday evening, Clause said she was out of patience.

“What's the hold up?” she asked of the city. “I mean, why can't they get it together and bring a tow truck out and tow it away?”