PORTLAND, Ore. --- Runners and walkers are gearing up for the Hood to Coast Relay, and Portland to Coast Relay, and both events start Friday morning.

The Hood to Coast route is about 200 miles, from Timberline Lodge to the Oregon coast. There are 1,050 teams of up to 12 runners each, meaning 12,600 runners will hit the course. And 3,600 volunteers will help out.

Start waves are scheduled from 5 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Dan Floyd, Hood to Coast Chief Operating Officer, says safety is the number one priority.

Runners must wear safety vests and proper clothes to stay warm, with temperatures getting down into the 30s early Friday morning. He said there will be volunteers at every turn to look for runners and walkers who need help.

And he said for the first time this year all legs over 6 miles have water stops.

Floyd recommended runners carry their cell phones when they run, but said there are areas where they might not get a signal.

“Timberline Lodge, do have cell service up there. It’s the start of the event, people have energy, they're thinking right,” Floyd said. “It’s the second half of the course, the coastal mountains, where people get tired, and they need help from teammates. That’s where the cell service will be a little dicey. But again, we have great volunteers, a great communication system with radios, so if you need help, or anything, just talk to the volunteers and employees, and we will take care of you.”

If you’re more into walking than running, Portland to Coast also starts Friday at 3 a.m.