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PORTLAND, Ore. -- KGW News had multiple reporters live in downtown Portland on Sunday afternoon as thousands of people showed up for opposing rallies.

BACKGROUND: 14 arrested during rally, counter-protests

This notebook will share their live video reports from the scene:

Tim Gordon: Big police presence, so far peaceful.

Maggie Vespa: DonaldTrump supporter ventured into the Antifa crowd. Got chased out, water thrown on him & covered in silly string.

Tim Gordon: No hate no fear, Muslims are welcome here. @KGWNews

Maggie Vespa: Free Speech, pro-Trump rally starts at 2. Counter crowds huge, surrounding Terry Shrunk Plaza.

Maggie Vespa: Antifa burning an American flag, drenched in lighter fluid.

Tim Gordon: State Police move in new line of defense between opposing sides on SW 4th Avenue

Maggie Vespa: WOW. Antifa demonstrator stole flag from apparent Donald Trump supporter. Nearly knocked me & my photographer down. Warning, profanity.