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On the Oregon coast, Thursday was just another rainy day.

The approaching storm did nothing to dampen the spirit of the Seaside High School boys cross country team, which flew down the esplanade.

The girls team glided by a short time later. It’s nothing for them to run in the rain.

"it is a lot of fun actually - we love it. Right guys?” said Kara Ipson.

Although she and the other students admitted they were a little concerned about how long the storm would last.

“A little bit. We have homecoming this week and we'll have to cancel some stuff if the rain comes in too bad but we'll tough it out,” she said.

You could find that spirit all over town.

When the winter storms roll through some surfers know it’s time to ride the big waves at the Cove, on the south end of Seaside.

Locals know it’s also time to look for trouble.

“They said two o’clock so I thought I’d drive around a little bit, see what was going on,” said Bob Olson.

Farther south, storm watchers gathered at Tolovana Beach Park in Cannon Beach.

“It’s just beautiful out there the white caps mostly the white caps,” said Bill Brandon who grew up in Astoria and drove down from Vancouver, Wash. for the storm.

In Seaside, families like the Hardings drove over from Wilsonville to take it all in.

“I think it’s really cool. I like it because we can go to the beach and it’s been our first storm that we've actually been in, so, and we get to enjoy it with our family,” said 9-year-old Cassidy Harding.

A Pacific storm is an awesome thing, and this one should have plenty of wind for her 11-year-old brother, Hunter.

“I like how you can just, like you run around and you never get too warm cause it’s raining and it's windy and like my stepdad said it’s like you could lean back and the wind would like push you up so you don’t have to hold on or something,” he said.

There should be plenty of wind for that in this storm, Hunter.