PORTLAND, Ore. -- This much rain, this early in the rainy season is already taking its toll on trees and hillsides in our area, and is creating problems we don't normally see this soon.

Certified arborist Jon Poteet said with the ground already saturated and more rain on the way, now is definitely the time to check on your trees.

Look for signs of rot, like holes in the trunk where squirrels or birds might live.

He said one sign your tree's roots are rotting is mushrooms that form a line along the ground leading up to the tree.

"If you see mushrooms that are growing in a string going right along one of the buttress roots right towards a tree, that will be an indication of interior or root rot," explained Poteet.

Poteet said trees are more at risk in these early season storms because they still have leaves.

Those leaves can catch the wind like a sail, pushing the trees over.

State geologists say now is a good time to look for signs of potential landslides as well.

Check for shifting or newly leaning trees on your property.

Also look for any new cracks in sidewalks, and if you see mud in the road, that could also be sign, the hill next to it may be about to slide.