PORTLAND, Ore – The persistent rain is saturating the ground in the Portland-metro area, and John’s Waterproofing Company crews have been busy. Monday, the company received more than 130 calls from people who were dealing with flooded basements and crawl spaces.

“We get a lot of text messages from our office, saying, if you finish early, can you please stop by here?” said crew member Delfino Gonzalez.

The rain eats away at Portland’s roads and also caused a massive landslide to block Old Cornelius Pass Road in Washington County. The force of the mud toppled trees.

Gonzales says if you are worried about flooding, first check your downspout. It it’s disconnected, make sure water isn’t pooling right next to your house. He also says, be proactive if you do notice a leaky basement.

“As soon as you walk into your basement, you're going to notice the damp smell. And, if you see water intrusion, then the first thing you want to do is check outside, and see what’s going on the gutters. You might be able to temporality fix that and push your downspout away from the house,” said Gonzalez.

Then, he says, call the experts, and fast. He says if there’s water in your house, that soon won’t be your only problem. You could end up dealing with mold.