PORTLAND, Ore. -- A colorful display greets you when you walk into Wieden+Kennedy.

“It's really fun to see all the different signs that people made,” said Kelly Lyon, a new mom who walked in the Women’s March on Portland.

Her signs will soon be on the wall too.

“Moms against babies in the White House and this one says girls just wanna have fundamental rights,” said Lyon as she read the signs she held.

She, along with her newborn baby girl Lake, demonstrated with tens of thousands of people in Portland during the Women's March.

Some of the signs at the march are now at Wieden+Kennedy's First Thursday gallery.

“We use our space here to feature different exhibits. We've had some fun ones like the culture series and this happens to be 'We the People' this Thursday,” said Tiffany Golden with Wieden+Kennedy.

The goal is to give people a voice and to keep people talking about issues they're concerned about. That idea brought Lyon, her little girl Lake, and her signs.

“I just have a lot of strong feelings about all the changes going on right now with a brand new daughter. I think it's really important that we all voice our dissent,” said Lyon.

In addition to dedicating the space to the exhibit, the ad agency decided to make its stance clear.

“For every sign that's brought in, Wieden+Kennedy will be making a $10 donation to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU,” said Golden.

Lyon said she's never been politically inclined, until now.

“I called my senators yesterday for the first time just to tell them that I appreciated that they were blocking Trump's Supreme Court nomination,” Lyon said.

She isn't alone. Others said they're more involved now than ever before.

“All I feel like now is that I just have to stay somewhat abreast and somewhat involved,” said Lettie Rennekamp, who also stopped by Wieden+Kennedy to drop off signs.

The exhibit will stay up through March.