PORTLAND, Ore, -- Monday marked the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub and Portland’s Q Center held a gathering Monday night to honor the victims.

“It’s still really hard, and heavy on days like this,” said Justin Pabalate, executive co-director, as he remembers the shooting. “It still feels pretty fresh, there’s a lot of things that haven’t happened in terms of laws to protect people.

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A part of the event Monday night featured a presentation by the Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety.

Pabalate says the goal was to promote responsible gun ownership, and talk about closing loopholes in gun laws. He says people want to make the Portland-area a safer place for all communities, regardless of the type of violence.

“When you see anti-Islamic things and attacks happen, like the Max attack, that’s really stirring for folks and disturbing and traumatic," said Pabalate. "This isn’t something that just happens once a year. It happens every day, for a lot of people, and so this is, again, a chance for people to come together, and have solidarity with each other, and know that they’re not alone."

“It’s going to be nice to be around community members and people are looking for ways they can make a difference.”

Portland’s Q Center is promoting #HonorThemWithAction. Over 160 organizations across the country are commemorating the Pulse massacre with a pledge to uproot hatred and anti-LGBTQ bigotry.