PORTLAND, Ore. – The founder of FrightTown said this will be the haunt’s last year at Memorial Coliseum, for now, because it’s no longer financially feasible.

David Helfrey said people facing rising rents, and other costs, just can’t afford a good old fashioned house anymore. And he says, FrightTown can’t afford rising rent and costs for the venue either. It’s expensive to run the big operation.

FrightTown has been scaring and thrilling the community at Memorial Coliseum for 12 years. The scares and haunts fill the 40-thousand square foot exhibit hall.

“There are people who consider FrightTown a Portland tradition. There are kids who have grown up not knowing Portland without FrightTown,” said Helfrey. “Never say never. Maybe some set of unforeseen circumstances pops up that allows us to be here. I’m including me winning the Powerball between now and then, if that happens we'll do it! We want to do this but right now the way things are, we simply can’t.”

FrightTown is open until Halloween, and tickets are $23.