PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland Fire & Rescue recognized civilian and uniformed heroes on Monday night, at its first annual Ceremony of Honor, hosted by Legacy Emanuel Medical Center.

“This is to be a festive night!” said Portland Fire Chief, Mike Meyers.

“This lets everybody get together, let the media be part of it, let the citizens receiving awards tonight be recognized,” said firefighter, Jesse Altig.

Throughout the evening, citizens were honored for risking their lives to save others. One after the other, their stories of heroism inspired. Last December, Medal of Honor recipient Dale Wood rescued his neighbor from a burning trailer. After receiving his award, Wood quickly turned the attention back to first responders.

“They do it every day,” said Wood. “It's kind of amazing, I did it one day and that was enough for me—that was a lot!”

Among those in uniform recognized were firefighters who responded to the massive gas explosion on NW 23rd Avenue and Glisan Street last October.

“Despite the risks, these individuals put the safety and welfare of others ahead of themselves,” said Lt. Rich Chatman. “They ran toward danger, not away from it.”

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Meyers awarded them the unit commendation and immediately took a selfie with them.

“That's a good looking group!” exclaimed Meyers. It was a moment to celebrate, recognize, and take a quick breath before getting back to work and likely saving more lives.