PORTLAND, Ore. -- When you're looking to adopt a dog, many organizations will have you walk through kennels and choose the one that makes your heart melt.

At Family Dogs New Life Shelter, they take a different approach. Potential adoptive families are asked to answer a series of personality questions with the intention of finding a dog that fits their lifestyle. Their process has been incredibly successful with fewer than 10 percent of adopted dogs being returned.

As a no-kill animal shelter, Family Dogs New Life accepts dogs that have reached their time limit at other shelters up and down the West Coast. In order to create more space for this increased capacity, they started a foster dog program which temporarily places dogs in loving homes until they can be permanently adopted. The foster dog program not only creates room for another dog to be saved, but it gives the shelter more of an opportunity to learn things about the animal that they wouldn't find out in a shelter setting. This added knowledge is hugely beneficial when placing a dog with a family.

If you would like to adopt a dog or would like to learn about being a foster parent, you can contact them at bark@familydogsnewlife.org.