PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Portland man is trying to clear his name after disturbing allegations about him were posted on flyers around North Portland.

“I’m not a bad person,” said the man we are choosing not to identify.

Take stroll down North Williams and you will notice one utility pole after another littered with flyers, but one flyer grabbed the attention of passer-by Heather McGowan.

“His face is on it,” she said. “If he’s taking people’s information off their phone it’s pretty weird.”

That is just one of the disturbing allegations against the man pictured on the flyer. We are not identifying him because he is not charged with a crime, but the man is accused of posing as a photographer in order to take pictures of women. He is even alleged to have stalked and harassed the women he photographs.

“It’s a bummer,” said McGowan. “It’s good to know not to talk to that person.”

We tracked down the man pictured on the flyer. He says he has stopped women on the street to take their pictures because he loves photography. He says he is upset and shocked by the allegations against him. He says he has done nothing wrong.

“It’s just photography … trying to get my portfolio built,” he said. “I haven’t touched any of those people.”

The flyer is clearly touching a nerve with those who see it.

“If I’m out at a bar I’ll say, ‘hey does that guy look like the poster guy,’” said McGowan.

A spokesman with the Portland Police Bureau says nobody has filed an official police report.