STEVENSON, Wash. -- The Skamania County Fairgrounds in Stevenson was bustling with activity Wednesday.

David Taylor was organizing donations for the dozens of animals seeking shelter from the Eagle Creek Fire.

“It’s really neat,” he said.

Like the animals, Taylor is at the fairgrounds because of the fire. It delayed his journey along the Pacific Crest Trail.

David Taylor and his friend help take care of pets evacuated from the Eagle Creek Fire

“We get to see thousands of people on the trail,” said Taylor. “But we’ve loved stopping in towns and getting to hang out.”

Taylor is one of many volunteers caring for the dogs, cats, bunnies, ducks and birds, among other animals.

Ducks evacuated from the Eagle Creek Fire

“We know who brought them in and we’re all aware of who brought them in,” said volunteer Jean Foster. “Nobody takes them out of here but them.”

Foster says she jumped at the chance to help the evacuees who are dealing with so much.

“We had two people come in very, very fragile and you know what their worry was?" Foster asked. “What’s going to happen to my dog?”

Foster told the couple nothing would happen to the dog on her watch. The animals will be safe and have plenty to eat. They will also be cared for by people with big hearts.

“I think it’s cool the destruction here is bringing new life to a community,” said Taylor.