WELCHES, Ore. -- Keep the RV's out.

That's the message from hundreds of people who have signed a petition opposing a plan that would let campers stay overnight at the Wildwood Recreation Site in Welches.

Since opening in the late 60s, Wildwood has been a day-use-only park.

But the Bureau of Land Management, which manages the site, wants to turn about three acres of the park into a camping area.

The BLM says the change would bring much needed revenue to the site which has seen a definite decline in day-users.

"It runs about $450,000 a year right now to operate and we bring in about $49,000 in revenue a year," said outdoor recreation planner Dan Davis. "We want to keep this facility here and keep it open so we're looking at ways to do that."

The BLM says revenue from a new campground would nearly cover the cost of operations.

But there are many who don't want to see the day-use area become a campground.

Jandie Brown has been coming to the Wildwood Recreation Site for more than a decade. She says the park is a treasure because it is so pristine, clean and safe.

"It's beautiful and it's peaceful," Brown said.

Last summer when Brown learned of the BLM's plans, she launched a petition to stop it.

"I was just horrified," she said. "I was like they can't turn Wildwood into a campground... campgrounds face vandalism, it's sad, but it's true."

So far Brown has gotten more than 500 signatures. She says her fight is far from over.

"I just want to save this beautiful park and make it day-use only and get more people here to love it."