PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland police confirmed Sunday afternoon that, as predicted, Saturday night’s protests were the calmest yet.

Hundreds took to the streets yet again, and 71 ended up in handcuffs, but no one was hurt and no property was damaged.

And that’s welcome news to people living in the city’s embattled Pearl District, where boarded up windows became a common site Thursday night, after rioters damaged property at several area businesses.

“It was nice last night,” said Kaikani Vanity. “It was good to have people feel safe again.”

Richard Codanti, owner of Bella Casa at Northwest 9th Avenue and Everett Street, said that nice feeling lasted all weekend.

“It was like everybody goes ‘I'm not going to let that bother me,’” he said.

Codanti’s was one of several windows smashed by rioters Thursday. He was working late when it happened.

“We were right there, just feet away, when they hit the window and busted it,” he said.

But what strikes him is the reaction that’s poured in since then.

“We had such great traffic and great support from our neighbors. People all around were calling and stopping in and wanting to give their support,” he said. “So, that was awesome.”

Organizers of the original protest, who identify themselves as Portland’s Resistance started a gofundme account to help repair businesses damaged.

As of Sunday afternoon, it had raised more than $51,000.

Codanti said he plans to let those in charge of the account take care of replacing his window.