PORTLAND, Ore. -- Some parents in the Eastmoreland neighborhood are concerned about a man they say tried to get kids to come to his car, by offering them chips and water.

They say it happened Monday and Tuesday of this week, and that the kids did not approach the man’s car. But on Tuesday parents say the man chased some children for about a block.

Police did respond, but their report doesn’t mention any chasing. Officers who spoke with the man say he is homeless and living in his car, and he told them he thought he was “doing something good” by offering food.

Parents KGW talked to wish police could do more than ask the man to stop his behavior and move on.

“It doesn't seem to be taken that seriously by the police. The guy's been arrested for several different things (in the past) and the comment is, you can't arrest him for being creepy,” said Carol Hardman.

Police ran extra patrols in the area Thursday and it appears the man has moved on.