ALOHA, Ore. -- A tiny shoe company based in Aloha hopes to make a big splash in the shoe business, focusing on people who walk for fun and fitness.

The company is called Reshod. It was built in a tiny back bedroom in Carmen Jackinsky’s home.

Jackinsky is a competitive race walker and coach.

Twenty-five years ago she started looking for a shoe to wear at races and couldn't find anything she liked.

“Actually, had a dream of a shoe. And I just kinda came out of that and I thought I’d just go to the store and find that shoe. And I looked and I looked and I didn’t find it. So I figured well, maybe I’m supposed to make it,” she said.

And so she did, working at her house each day after she got home from her job as a legal assistant.

First she cut running shoes in half and put on better soles for walkers.

That's how she came up with the company name Reshod. As it caught on she learned more about both the sole and the upper and began to think about how she would make an entire shoe.

Now Jackinsky has two patents and five trademarks, and has her shoes built at a factory in China.

After years of quiet preparation, she's entering a multi-billion dollar industry, selling her shoes online to anyone who walks, ready to take on the big companies who ignored her for years.

“I just thought if I could get it good enough to convince them and show them, okay, this is what I’m talking about, that they'd say 'Oh! Yes! Excellent! That’s what we need we'll help you make it.' And it just never happened. I was turned down by about 30 different athletic footwear manufacturers,” Jackinsky said.

Now that she’s growing, she’s interested in finding business partners to go to the next level. You can contact her on the Reshod website if you are interested.