PORTLAND, Ore. -- Help from Oregon is on the way to California as wildfires continue to ravage the state. The Red Cross is sending three local volunteers, who will leave from the Portland airport on Tuesday.

One of the volunteers is Amy McFeeters-Krone, a northeast Portland resident. She’s volunteered after a hurricane before, but this will be her first fire situation and she said she's ready. She plans to help those seeking shelter after fires destroyed their homes.

“I just listen to whatever they want to tell me, if they want to tell me what happened or not,” she said. “I’ll do whatever anybody needs, whatever the Red Cross needs me to do.”

On Monday, the Oregon Department of Forestry sent four fire engines and nine crew members to Northern California. One fire engine is from Klamath Falls, two are from Grants Pass and one is from Medford.

Eight crew members and a supervisor will spend an undetermined amount of time doing whatever they are asked to help protect homes and business. This comes after crews from California helped in Oregon during the Eagle Creek Fire.

“They are going in, using what they learned here in Oregon and putting those skills to work to try and make sure there’s no further damage, or loss of life down there,” said Oregon Department of Forestry spokesperson Jim Gersbach .“Whatever we can do to help, we're happy to do.”