PORTLAND, Ore. -- Oregon’s Attorney General is waiting and watching with the rest of the country, eager to see what the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules on President Trump’s immigration order.

Ellen Rosenblum is convinced the order is illegal.

“Certainly the president has a lot of leeway in national security matters. There’s no question about that. That doesn’t mean this particular order is appropriate and I believe it to be illegal,” she said.

Rosenblum believes the court of appeals will rule against the president.

As a former member of Oregon’s Court of Appeals, she understands the process now underway behind closed doors in the federal court.

“Suddenly I realized that you are an advocate when you are a judge on an appellate court. You want to try to persuade your colleagues. Now they, I’m sure talked about this beforehand, there is a conference before hand, there will be a conference afterward. I know they’re anxious to get a decision,” Rosenblum said.

President Trump is one of many waiting. Wednesday, he took the highly unusual move of publicly criticizing the federal court.

"I don't ever want to call a court biased so I won't call it biased. And we haven't had a decision yet, but courts seem to be so political,” he said.

Talking to a group of law enforcement officers, the president slammed the hearing, which was carried live on some networks Tuesday.

“And I want to tell you I listened to a bunch of stuff last night on television that was disgraceful. It was disgraceful,” he told the audience.

Rosenblum disagrees. She thought the arguments went well, better for those who want to block the order.

She was a vocal supporter for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but said this is about the law.

“I don’t feel that I’m doing this because of a political reason or I’m affiliated with a particular political party,” she said.

In the end, Rosenblum believes President Trump will follow the courts, even if he's criticizing them now. She pointed out that his sister is a federal judge.

“He’s you know, a bit of a blow hard, but he respects the rule of law, deep down I’m sure,” said Rosenblum.