YAKIMA, Wash. -- An Ohio man was reported missing along the Pacific Crest Trail after hiking 2,200 miles in six months.

According to investigators, Kris Fowler, 34, left the Mexico-California border in May. Last month, Fowler made it to White Pass in Washington, posting on Facebook along the way.

The last anyone heard from Fowler was October 12. His cell phone stopped pinging and there hasn’t been any activity on his credit card.

On Sunday, the Yakima County Sheriff's office issued a national missing persons report and launched a search for Fowler.

Fowler’s stepmother flew into Portland from Ohio on Tuesday night to join the search. She said Fowler had been hiking an average of 25 miles a day.

“We're staying positive because he's strong and he's a seasoned hiker,” said Sally Fowler. "He has gone this whole way without any major incidents.”

Weather reports showed rain and high snow levels made the ground where Fowler was last seen muddy and possibly unstable. The area is also a known for getting little to no cell phone service.

Besides the ground search, friends started a Facebook page to help track the search and post tips and possible sightings of Fowler. Sally Fowler said she’s grateful for those who've ventured out to help look for her stepson.

“I just want them to be safe and thank them so much for going out there and risking everything to look for Kris,” said Fowler. “I know he will be mortified if he's fine and he'll be grateful if he is not.”