PORTLAND, Ore. -- Oaks Amusement Park has shut down its ride, "Scream'n Eagle," the same ride that broke apart at the Ohio State Fair, killing one person and injuring seven others, on Wednesday night.

The ride will be shut down indefinitely as an abundance of caution, until they can determine what went wrong with the ride in Ohio, said Oaks Amusement Park Senior Manager Mary Beth Coffey.

The ride at Oaks Park is the exact same ride, even though it has a different name than the ride at the state fair in Ohio, which is named "Fire Ball."

Coffey said the situation at Oaks Park is different than the Ohio State Fair because Oaks is a stationary park. They know everyone on their maintenance staff and everything, including the rides, stays in place, in contrast to the state fair, which travels around.

"There are different levels of checks, and when the ride is put up they look at it. When the ride is torn down they look at it. So there is a lot of looking at things on the ride," said Dean McArter, Assistant Unit Manager with Butler Amusements.

For more information about the ride, click here to visit the website for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, or here for the website for the manufacturer of the ride.