ASTORIA, Ore. -- From the looks of things on Monday, you wouldn't have been able to tell just how much snow fell in Astoria.

“It is rare for us. I think the last time it came on like this was like five years ago,” said Angie White, who is a professional driver for the Sunset Empire Transportation District.

On Sunday night, streets were covered in snow. About 2-5 inches fell depending on where you were. One man living in Astoria said he measured seven inches at his home.

But despite the weather, White was out driving. Her job is to help people who have trouble getting around on their own, make it to their appointments.

“We're out here for them! I love my job,” said White.

“If we didn't have this service, we'd be housebound,” explained Margaret Chenowegh.

A lot of drivers decided to brave the roads. On the way over to Astoria Sunday night, car after car slid off Highway 26 near mile marker 21. Even a fire station rig got caught up in the mess. Fortunately no one was hurt.

But back in Astoria, from heavy snow, to warmer slush, to blue skies, it seems the weather on the coast couldn't make up its mind.

“It's hailing right now,” said Marhia Mcgregor as she was clearing snow off her car.

She decided to check on her parents last night.

“I kind of got stuck because I live at the top of the hill and I couldn't get back up so I just stayed the night,” laughed Mcgregor.

8th Street at Franklin Avenue, right next to her parents' place was closed because cars couldn't safely get up or down. The kind of snow that fell in Astoria hasn't been seen in years.

“I think we've had a snowstorm like this maybe once or twice but this is really bizarre,” said Mcgregor.

“To wake up in Astoria and see snow all over that's unusual,” said David Paul, who’s grown up in Astoria.

Paul was happy about the thaw. But not everyone was so excited to see the snow go.

“I like it! I love it,” exclaimed White.

“This is what makes Astoria and this part of town so special is these unique moments,” she said.