TILLAMOOK, Ore. -- For a second straight day, some residents in Tillamook were left cleaning up following flooding over the weekend.

Heavy rains prompted the Wilson River to rise five feet above flood stage, causing what authorities called the earliest “significant” flood of the river on record. Highway 101 was closed through part of the city on Sunday because of standing water.

While no major damage related to the flooding was reported, several businesses along Highway 101 north of Tillamook were dealing with the muddy aftermath.

“Just a lot of rain,” said Barry Mammano, who owns a diesel repair shop along the highway. “We got 28 inches down here in the showroom, and it was about a foot upstairs in the upper shop,” he said.

While the Tillamook area is prone to flooding, the most recent event happened earlier in the season than usual.

“I’ve been doing it since ’84. Getting tied of it,” said Mammano as he cleared mud out from his parking lot. Next door, workers at The Cash Company pawn shop cleared out standing water, too.

“Tillamook is Tillamook,” shrugged David Dieter, who manages the Cash Company. “After so long, you just figure it’s part of it. You’ve got to clean up and get going again.”

Farther up Highway 101, standing water damaged some cars parked at the Western Royal Inn.

"You couldn't even see the headlights,” said Anahi Fuentes of her Honda sedan that was partially submerged at the height of the flood. As of Monday afternoon, she was having trouble starting the car and was awaiting a mechanic. "Honestly, it's very frustrating because I've never been able to go through this."

Some area dairy farms worked through the high water as well.

“This was a fast flood. It came up really quick,” said Derrick Josi of Wilsonview Dairy. “When I fed the calves, it was knee deep walking through here,” Josi said, gesturing to his farm. “And the bottles were floating.” Some pasture fencing was damaged because of the floodwater. Josi said that the fencing is typically removed during the winter. However, the surprisingly early arrival of the weekend floods came before workers could dismantle the fencing. “A lot of that’s going to have to be replaced,” Josi said.

According to authorities, no injuries related to the flooding were reported. During the wet weather, parts of the Tillamook area experienced sporadic power outages.