SEASIDE, Ore. -- Neighbors at an apartment complex along the Oregon Coast are on high alert after some possible cougar sightings.

“Is a cougar going to run up on us and take one of our kids?” Jennifer Paluch asked.

The reported sightings were at the Creekside Village Apartments on Spruce Drive.

“One of the neighbors saw the cougar come in the other day and take up somebody’s cat,” said Phillip Peterson.

Peterson has reason to be concerned. He is a father. He is not letting his kids out of his sight.

“I’m very cautious,” he said. “I don’t want my kids out by themselves.”

Administrators at a nearby elementary school are also taking precautions. The Daily Astorian reports all outdoor activities at Seaside Heights Elementary School were moved inside Monday.

“I just worry about the kids walking to school,” said Alan Rustand.

The reported cougar sightings are not necessarily surprising. Oregon biologists are seeing an increase in cougar sightings from the coast to the Cascades. Biologists will start tracking the cats using GPS.

"It’s concerning,” said Paluch. “I’m worried a cougar is going to come up to us.”